Going green

I go wild for Houseplants, and you guys love them too! Plants are a fab way to create your own jungle paradise at home; adding a splash of stylish green leaves to a coffee table, office shelves or kitchen window sill. Not only do houseplants look gorgeous but they are also easy to care for, proven to have positive effects on our wellbeing and improve air quality! Want to learn more about plants? Read my essential guide to houseplants blog which covers all the FAQs and top tips for plant owners.

Town Garden stock a wide range of different houseplants and succulents such as tropical Monstera, funky Ferns and cool Cactus. So I can match the perfect plant up with its new owner to suit space, light and maintenance needs – just pop in for chat at my little flower shop in Hitchin or give the Town Garden team a call. If your new houseplant needs a trendy pot to call home too, check out my gorgeous range of modern plant pots and accessories available to order online.