Flower Girls

Hey I'm Max, crazy florist owner, fitness freak and lover of anything old and rusty. 

Town Garden as been my life for the past 3 years and I have enjoyed ever minute of it.......theres alot of minutes! 

I have implented lots of charges at the shop since taking over and thankful everyone has loved it. I would decribe the shop as quirky, mis matched and a class a styles making this shop a cool inviting place to be whether it's to pop in and saying hello or picking your favourite flowers or house plants for your home. 

I have been a florist for over 25 years so have oodles of experience which I'm more than happy to share should anyone need any help.  

I'm a workaholic so you can find me at the shop 6 days a week so feel free to pop in any time for a chat.

Look forward to seeing you soon, Max. xxx


Hello I'm Victoria and flowers are my passion! From a young age I knew I wanted to do something creative and after seeing some beautiful flower arrangements at a family function I decided I wanted to become a florist. 

I started my floristry journey as a Saturday girl making tea (alot of it,  florist like to stay as hydrated as their flowers) and sweeping the floor. My love for flowers grew even moer as I started creating bouquets. After leaving school I followed my dream to become a florist and studed my level 1, 2 and 3 Floristry Diploma at Oaklands College which I passed with distinction. I've now been working within the industry for 14 years and can say I still enjoy it just as much as I did when I first started. 

My highlight within floristry has to be winning a silver gilt medal at Hampton Court Flower Show.

My favorite flower difficult because I have a few but if I had to choose one it has to be a Blue Magic Vanda Orchid. 

I love my job because of my love of flowers but also because I get to chat to different people and also drink tea - a thing I have grown to love to keep warm!


Hi ya I'm Millie, I'm Max's Niece (rugrat no1) I sometimes come to the shop to help out on a Saturday, I've learnt how to serve and answer the phone aswell as wrap flowers. I'm currently learning all the flower names and greenery types......prehaps test me if you come in. 

I love the shop but mostly I love spending time with my crazy Aunt. 


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