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Velvet Red 12

Made with love in mind!!

6 or 12 of the most beautiful roses available. We currently use the amazing red Naomi Rose, however with every month that goes by new varieties are added so when new growers bring somthing new to the table thats more amazing we will change it up. We put every effort in to not over powering the roses, so filler flowers and foliage are carefully chosen to compliment rather than take over. If you're lucky enough to receieve one of these bouquets you will not be dissapointed!! 

To try and cut down on our single use plastics we are sending our Bouquets out as Hand tieds. This means they are ready to be cut and put straight into a vase of your choice in your lovely homes. However if you would like us to Aqua your bouquet ( put into a water bag and gift wrapped in a box ) then we are more than happy to do so, please click the Aqua my bouquet add on and we will do happily do this for you 

(Please note this item is only available in our local delivery area. See our delivery page for more information).

Price: £90.00