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Monstera Deliciosa or  more commonly known Swiss Cheese Plant ...... 

This classic climbing plant first become popular in the 1970's. Admired for it's glossy heart shaped and perferated leaves, which is how it's name came about. This easy care plant is often sold with the stem tied to a mossy pole.

The care for this plant is super easy 

Watering: Water when the top of the soil feels dry. Reduce watering slightly in winter months. Mist every feww days where possible. 

Light: stand in fileterd sun or light shade. ( Shaded foliage will not produce holes )

Prune in the spring and wipe the leaves regularly to remove dust. 

I always suggest watering any plants from the bottom too! This lets them drink the water up through the roots rather than pouring on top and potentially rotting the roots through over watering 


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